Production System
  • Modeling and simulation of dynamic systems (production systems, electrical network …)
  • Optimization of production and inspection plans in complex manufacturing systems like semiconductor manufacturing
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Maintenance, production and/or inspection scheduling, sampling, logistics
  • Quality tools: 5S, VSM (Value Stream Mapping), SMED (Single Minute of Exchange Die),TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Poka-Yoke, Kanban, Method Time Measurement (MTM),  AMDEC
  • Design and implementation of controllers by several methods (PID, sliding mode, fuzzy-logic, Backstepping …) 
  • Man-machine interface, man-machine interaction, haptic interfaces (Force feedback) …
  • Industrial data processing and programming of several PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) TELEMECANIQUE, PIC and SIEMENS
  • industrial robotics, Mobil Robotics, Active exoskeleton, Smart electrical wheelchair
  • Metaheuristics and artificial intelligence methods: neuronal network, Bayesian network, Q-learning, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm, multi-agent systems …
Information and Communication Technologies
  • Operating system  (windows, linux "debiane")
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point), MS Project, LibreOffice
  • Design and simulation software :  Matlab/Simulink, Scilab,Adams, R, AutoCad, SolidWorks
  • Programming language: VB/VBA, JAVA, C/C++, Fortran, HTML, LM "Robotics programming language")

Foreign Language Skills (reading, writing and speaking):
  • Arabic: It is my mother language and I have expert level in reading, writing and speaking Arabic.
  • French: I have completed my Bachelor’s, Master(s) and PhD degree in French from francophone universities; hence, I have excellent level of reading, writing and speaking in the French language.
  • English: I have studied English as a subjects since my secondary school (12 years); hence, I have very good level in reading and understanding  whereas I have good level in speaking and writing.