2009 – 2012: R&D Engineer 
Laboratory: Grenoble Laboratory for Sciences of Design, Production and Optimization. (G-SCOP )
Scope: Within the framework of European project IMPROVE, which aimed at optimization of production equipment utilization, I led the team focused on process control plan optimization. We worked in close collaboration with STMicroelectronics, Crolles France where the developed algorithms were tested, deployed and industrialized. Besides R&D tasks, I also taught Courses in data processing and industrialization in industrial engineering school at the Grenoble Institute of Technology.

  • Requirement analyses and monitoring the implementation of proposed solutions
  • To participate in weekly conference calls with all members of work Package
  • To develop algorithms and simulators (Matlab/Simulink, Scilab and VB) for production systems to compute optimized control plans based on risk which reduces risk by 30% besides reducing number of inspections.
  • To prepare project deliverables
  • To write and present articles in conferences and journals
  • To teach data analysis and industrialization courses

2009 – 2012: Assistant Professor (ATER) 
Scope: Teaching students of Bachelor degree in mechanical and electronics engineering: physics and measurements, data acquisition, industrial equipment qualification, Research on conduct of electric wheelchair with new haptic interfaces.

  • Teaching undergraduate engineering students: automation (modeling, identification, control), computer science (algorithms, programming in VB and C/C++) and PLC programming
  • Supervision of undergraduate and master level projects and research theses
  • Development of a control an electric wheelchair using an omni-Phnatome (development of a Simulink box able to interfacing the omni-Phantome to Simulink using C/C++ programming)

2003 – 2007 PhD
Univesity: Université Paul Verlaine de Metz (UPVM), 
Laboratory:  LASC 

Scope: In order to improve drivability of a smart wheelchair, we proposed an assisted control based on force feedback device to facilitate the disabled persons and improve the acceptability of the wheelchair. We also proved by simulations that the use of such control provides a real improvement in the ride quality.
  • Bibliographic research in the following areas: mobile robotics, driving simulators, obstacle avoidance method, position sensors, man-machine control method, supervision and teleoperation, man-machine interfaces/interaction, force feedback interfaces, workload assessment NASA-TLX, methods of statistical validation (ANOVA, MANOVA);
  • Development of a driving simulator in Matlab/Simulink using a force feedback joystick, taking into account the indications from the disabled people riding on the wheelchair and the people around them such as family and/or medical staff.
  • Development of a function able to link the sidewinder joystick to Simulink using C/C++ programming, and a function to read in real time data coming from sensors and save them on Matlab.
  • Experiment with non-disabled and disabled people
  • Writing scientific papers in international journals and conferences
  • Worked as Temporary lecturer (2004) at University of Metz and taught C/C++ to Master students.
  • Worked as an assistant professor (2005-2006) where I taught automation (control, modeling, identification) and computer science (algorithmic and programming in VB, C/C++) subjects to under graduate engineering and master students.

2003 R&D Engineer
Company : MESURA (Forbach)- Master's AOI internship
Scope/Subject: Automation and optimization of an assembly line of gas regulators (design and industrialization)

  • Analyses of existing assembly line (process and equipment)
  • Identification of operations to be automated for performance improvement
  • Cost benefit analysis on proposed solutions against performance criteria
  • Proposition of new inspection system
  • Selection and industrialization of the accepted solution (3D model using AutoCad,  SolidWorkds, PLC programming)
2002 Master’s Research Internship
Laboratory: Robotic Vision Laboratory (ENSI de Bourges)
Scope/Subject: Simulation and modeling of an active exoskeleton, used for robot walking, based on the artificial intelligence methods

  • Bibliographic research on humanoid robots, artificial intelligence methods (neural  network, fuzzy logic, Q-learning)
  • Modeling of the exoskeleton on ADAMS and Matlab/Simulink and implementing the control method using C and Matlab
  • Development of an intelligent controller based on Q-learning, neural network and fuzzy logic
2001 Engineering Degree Project/Internship
Laboratory : Process control laboratory at the polytechnic national school of Algiers - Algeria

Scope/Subject: Design of controller for AC to AC electrical converter based on fuzzy-logic and neuro-fuzzy-logic  

  • Modeling of an electrical network with a minimal AC/AC converter
  • Design of fuzzy-logic and neuro-fuzzy-logic controller for the stabilization of intensity and frequency of electrical current
  • Simulation of the system by Matlab/Simulink and C/C++