• 2003-2007 : Ph.D in Automation and Robotics,  from the university of Metz in the LASC laboratory 
    • Title : Design and simulation of force feedback control of a smart electrical wheelchair  ( Download the thesis )
    • Supervisor : Guy Bourhis Professor at the University of Lorraine
    • Thesis committee :
      • JOLLY DESODT Anne-Marie Professor at the ENSAIT of Roubaix (thesis referee).
      • HOPPENOT Philippe Professor at  the University of Evry (thesis referee).
      • LOPEZ-KRAHE Jaime Professor at the University of Paris 8 (examiner).
      • Alain PRUSKI Professor at the University of Metz (examiner).
    • Defended on: 11th October 2007  (Download the presentation) 
  • 2002-2003: MSc in automation and industrial organization, from the university of Metz
    • Major Subjects: Automation, computer sciences, supply chain, scheduling, maintenance, operation research, production management, industrial robotics, simulation
    • Project: Automation and optimization of an assembly line of gas regulators.
  • 2001-2002: MSc in robotics and intelligent systems from Université Pierre et Marie Curie
    • Option: Control of mechanical systems.
    • Major Subjects:  Artificial intelligence, computer science, machines learning, automation, control, micro-robotics, mobile robotics, mechanics, mechatronic, vision (image processing) etc.
    • Project: Simulation and modeling of an active exoskeleton, used for robot walking, based on the artificial intelligence methods (internship report in French).
  • 1996-2001: Ing in automation; from the polytechnic national school of Algiers, Algeria 

    • Major Subjects: Automation, mechatronic, modelling, identification, signal processing, electrical engineering, computer sciences, simulation, mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics etc.
    • Project: Design of controller for AC to AC electrical converter based on fuzzy-logic and neuro-fuzzy-logic  

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